• Ultimate Grain Shed fully enclosed

Selecting a company to supply and build your new shed is an important decision with heavy costs both in time and money if you make the wrong choice.

Before You Select a Company For Your New Shed,
Make Sure You Ask These 3 Critical Questions…

  • Firstly, is the shed going to be Super Strong and “Aussie Tough” to withstand our harsh Australian climate? Does the shed company have the confidence and integrity to offer you an Incredible 50 Year Guarantee?

  • Secondly, does the shed company have a proven system and track record in getting sheds delivered on time? And will they guarantee a delivery time?

  • Does the company have professional, top quality shed builders with 20 years shed building experience? And are the shed builders willing to travel to country areas?

PLUS…consider this important issue. Does your shed company have amazingly great experience gained from being in the shed industry for a VERY LONG TIME? Has your shed company been around for 60 Years like Grant Sheds has? That length of time is because we are experts and can help you build an “Aussie Tough” shed that suits your needs.

The truth is that very few shed companies have the right combination of

  • Strong Tough Sheds that won’t blow down
  • Brilliant Internal Systems to deliver top class sheds, on time and without problems
  • Long Term Experience to know how to create a great buying experience for you, and
  • Communicate with you frequently so you are kept informed of progress

And even fewer of our competitors can boast having 20 Year Experienced “Master ClassShed Builders.

And fewer again will back up their claims with a 50 YEAR ROCK SOLID GUARANTEE!

Allow me to explain more about why Grant Sheds is one of those rare organisations and…

How We Can Help You Get
The Farm Shed, Home Garage or Industrial Shed You Want

Our names are Danny & Alison Halupka and we are the owners of Grant Sheds. We provide Machinery Sheds, Industrial Sheds and home Garages around Australia. And build them as well throughout South Australia.

For over 60 years we’ve been helping home owners, farmers and businesses to build the sheds they need to store their vehicles, farm machinery and produce, and buildings for working and conducting business in.

And while you may think that people wouldn’t need to buy very many sheds in their lifetime, we have “bucket-loads” of people who have bought multiple sheds from us because they appreciate the attention they receive. We have people who have bought 2,3,7 and even 12 sheds over a number of years !

Why does this happen?

  • First:

    COMMUNICATION! It seems to be a lost art, but it’s very high on our agenda. Whether you are still working out what sort of shed you need and we are helping you clarify what suits you best or if you have ordered your new “Aussie Tough” Grant shed and it’s in our system, we’ll be contacting you regularly to keep you informed of progress and get your new shed delivered on time.

  • Second:

    Every shed can be customised to YOUR specific circumstances and needs. We LISTEN to what you want and need and help you to plan the ideal new shed for you.

  • Third:

    Fantastic Builders. Shed builders who have worked with us for over 20 years. They are “MASTER CLASS” shed builders, with brilliant workmanship… and they are friendly, honest and hard-working. They’ve built friendships all over the state with people they’ve built sheds for.

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